KUBBUR is saying goodbye.

The KUBBUR company is no longer operating.  KUBBUR Limited, the company, has been sold at a loss to Paravirt Limited.

KUBBUR's brand identity remains under the control of the original owners/founders.

If you need to contact Kubbur Limited, direct your inquiry to [email protected].  Paravirt/Kuxo, as the parent company of KUBBUR Limited, is now responsible for communication on behalf of the company.

I've heard that people were scammed from the shutdown of KUBBUR, can you give your side of the story?

Certainly.  When KUBBUR shut down all customers who had made a purchase within the last two months of operation had those transactions refunded.  That is, on the date the company was shut down a query was run in the Stripe dashboard selecting all transactions made within the last 60 days and a refund action triggered for each of them.  Please observe screenshots of all of the refunded transactions here below:

What about PayPal refunds?

PayPal payments had been inactive for several months prior to the shutdown of KUBBUR.  The reason for this is complex and convoluted but the TL;DR is that KUBBUR Limited used to be directed and owned partially by a British citizen.  This individual was then forced to sell is shareholding and give up is director's position due to private reasons between them and their employer.  As PayPal requires a UK home address from the account holder, business or otherwise, the account had to be shut down when no directors of the company were British residents.  Thus, PayPal payments could not be accepted for several months, meaning no customers would have made any payment via PayPal in the last 60 days before KUBBUR's shutdown.

TL;DR PayPal payments were not active in the last 60 days before the shutdown of KUBBUR (and had not been for much longer than that), thus no PayPal refunds were required to be made.

Was my personal data sold?

While we cannot make any statement on behalf of KUBBUR Limited now, for reasons which should be obvious, we can state that when the company was sold no customer data was transferred in the process.  Even communication made by email was done through KUBBUR's own administration panel, which can send emails to all customers stored in the database without revealing/exposing that information to the sender.

As KUBBUR is now a subsidiary of Paravirt Limited, Paravirt Limited will have full control of the company meaning they also, of course, have access to the company's data.  Should you object to this behaviour you are encouraged to contact Paravirt Limited directly.

Further questions

We will not accept further questions regarding the shutdown of KUBBUR.