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about us

"What's a KUBBER?"


KUBBUR is the newest "cloud" company on the block. While our product is not as cloud-y as the others we have something ✨special✨ to make up for it... 10Gbps! Our lineup of Virtual Private Servers, and soon dedicated machines, comes with unmetered 10Gbps internet connectibity, up and down! This makes KUBBUR perfect for running all sorts of applications, whether they need 10G or not, like a linux mirror, a downloads website, your blog? or even a game server proxy! The sky is the limit really, if you need high bandwidth like maybe a database server or an API might encounter you bet we're the solution for you.

Ok 10Gbps is cool and all but is there anything else? Yes! There is! We're also proudly one of the few "cloud" companies in the world that's got Path Network's 🛂 incredible DDoS protection enabled for all customer services. With a mind-boggling ✨12✨Tbps✨ of combined mitigation capacity and some of the world's finest application layer filtering you're sure to stay up when the bad guys try to get you offline.

We're all over the world! 🌍

One of the biggest hurtles to adopting a new cloud platform, or even just a new company to host a simple website, is lack of global locations. This is why we're excited to list our various active points of presence and the ones we're working super hard to open up! Here they are:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • New York, United States

And our in-progress locations:

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Los Angeles, United States
  • Miami, United States
  • Singapore (the country is called Singapore too! 👀)


KUBBUR Limited
124 City Road
London, EC1V 2NJ
United Kingdom

Company registration number: 13999809
ICO registration: ZB331924
Legal contact: Leifur Steinn Gunnarsson ([email protected])
Data Protection Officer: Leifur Steinn Gunnarsson ([email protected])


If you need our beautiful logo for one reason or another we have compiled a presskit of sorts for you to use. It includes all sorts of logo variations you would ever need as well as files in vector and raster format.

Download presskit

Made with ❤️ in Iceland

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